Radlett on TV tomorrow – plus news of our biggest parties ever!

Kids are safely back to school – time for grown ups to get back to partying.  Biggest parties ever?  TV show TOMORROW. Reversible kleptomania. We want to believe the person helping themselves to my cherished, long owned and damaged iphone 3gs at the last party was enduring a brief morality dysfunction that they have regretted ever since. Perhaps they have discovered that the market value is less than the party contribution, that it is mine, that the absence of the phone will thus damage party turnout next month and/or that the effort of reinstating hundreds of contacts is monumental. Either way, atonement is at hand by slipping it back somewhere dry at the next party where we will discover it soon and have doubts about whether it was really ever awol or just carelessly placed there by us. You know the right thing to do! Channel 4 documentary with Jon Richardson of 8 out of 10 cats. Channel 4 have brought the schedule forward so expect this block buster at 10pm on Monday September 15th   TOMORROW.  It is titled ‘Jon Richardson grows up’.  We have learned that the hour addresses 10 cameos, so we could star for as little as 6 minutes.  There are some hints that their slant is not as positive as they led us to expect.  Whereas the producers of the channel 5 documentary joined us with ice cream and pop corn for a preview before it was broadcast, channel 4 are saying ‘it is not convention’ to show participants a preview.  We have also heard that Alan Carr passed a snide comment about the visit here on a recent show.  They have sent participants guidelines on how to handle negative press intrusion and coverage – almost to the point of seeking psychiatric help!  Remember that this is not about us or swinging but Jon.  Judging by the inappropriateness of some of his questions (what goes on in this room then?) ‘growing up’ in the title is apposite.  We are preparing ourselves to fall back on the adage that ‘there is only one thing worse than being talked about (negatively) and that is not being talked about at all.  Channel 4 will lose viewer credibility if they regress to the passe ‘news of the world’ type of disdain that expired with that paper.  Either way, expect an influx of new revelers with the intelligence to see through any disingenuous slant. Themes for September parties. Having scanned the websites of all the major uk venues, the entertainment manager at SPICE in Lanzarote has asked to be guest master of ceremonies here for September 26th and 27th. He has entertainment and his own dj lined up for the Saturday. Expect whole roast pig plus some of his culinary preferences – Danish pastries for example. He threatens to add dozens of new couples each night. Also expect the parties to go on for longer – his dj expects to play until dawn.  Theme for Friday is black and white. Theme for Saturday is mask and lingerie. Best dressed couple wins a visit to SPICE each party night.  We have been asked to limit single guys to 15 on the Friday, so guys be prepared for a tough interview from Janet. So all in all, this represents fabulous value for our regulars who get all the extras and a much greater selection of playmates.  Do your bit by spreading the word to contacts so that all other venues within a hundred miles are empty that weekend. They’d be mad to be anywhere else. 17th October.  A gentleman who has been here before is returning to UK briefly and has asked if he can get some friends together here on 17th October.  We have declined to push the event for fear of diluting attendance here a week later.  If you can make both, or only 17th, let us know.  Not a certainty yet. Review the morning after last party from D: Hi Richard, What a lovely couple you are – allowing all those people in your house. I enjoyed my time with you both individually. I will need more anal training at some point and your wife is charming and smart – ( it’s very rare I see black women like that – I find it uplifting) As for the action – I did play but never felt that comfortable the ratio of single men was too high and they weren’t that interesting to me. My ultimate fantasy would be to have a line up. I love penetration and when a man comes I always in my head say ‘next’. I am however less keen on group sex- can’t keep up with hands everywhere scenario. I am single and have a very big sexual appetite which I satisfy in many safe ways. Yet discretion and a sense of class is also important to me. I am happy being single unless I find an equally libidoed financially astute very open minded man (suggestions welcome). Your place was so Big – I probably prefer a more intimate venue. People coming in and out of the door or chatting rubbish cos they are stoned or think they are king dick is so annoying. So I came mainly on your face Richard but also another woman’s. That’s good- I am usually the type who comes from penetration. I wonder if it would work for you to have a different kind of party.. With the party, I loved the Time in your private rooms – felt more natural and a better type of sexual and so social scenario. Have you thought of maybe doing midweek dinner parties for 20 or so people? sounds difficult with children I know. So ideally what I would like to do is to make my line up come true – greedy girl getting lots of cocky from some respectful men and having one man controlling it. Anyway thanks for your time and the delights of getting to know you – you are both so unselfish. Regards D x Menu.  Janet plans for this month: Whole roast hog Miscellaneous curries Other meats Vegetarian bits Cheese board Miscellaneous cakes and gateaux Danish pastries Home grown and made award winning: Solely blackberry crumble Toast and coffee for the après party gossip breakfast

One thought on “Radlett on TV tomorrow – plus news of our biggest parties ever!”

  1. Wow what amazing hosts, 500-600 people partying in your beautiful house over the Spice & Interaction weekends events. Thank you so much for having us all ( not literally ) Superb food, fantastic location and amenities, coupled with hundreds of the sexiest swingers made an amazing two nights. We will be back soon, much love from Shaz & Steve. PS hope the recycling didn’t take too long


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