Latest News – 186 people last Saturday, NYE Now Booking, RadlettParties on C4

One hundred and eighty and its not darts! We projected our biggest party ever, and, with the exception of some new years eve dos here that was true for Saturday. Our commiserations to those with insufficient control of their lives to ensure they were here on September 26 th and 27 th . The legendary James flew in from SPICE in Lanzarote as guest master of ceremonies and kept us wickedly on our toes with surprise cabarets and salacious games. Interaction also brought their followers so we were heaving. The reviews were pouring into the adult sites before sunrise.

New year’s eve . We have been asked by lots of you to build on last weekend’s success with the biggest end of year bash yet. Many will know that this is black tie with charitable theme. Expect fireworks, whole roast pig etc. No leaving time. If there are tickets left on the day the suggested contribution will be £80 per couple. The first 20 couples to deposit an unrefundable £50 to 110044 00149451 ref their names will be assured of places.

Some early reviews: 

Hi Richard and Janet 

Thanks for a fantastic party on Saturday, we had a great time as always! C is penning a proper note of thanks which will follow shortly. D 

Hi Richard and Janet , 
Saturday was only my second visit to Radlett, but another amazing experience. Lots of fun-loving and welcoming people were in attendance, giving a great atmosphere in the living room, kitchen, dining room, corridor, garden, pool and attic-dungeon! Speaking of which, we loved the dungeon room! The swing is huge fun and I now have to find a way to affix my own at home somehow. 

The roast pig was superb with crackling to die for. 
The only problem I had was stubbing my toe on an eye-bolt in the pool room, which has swelled, turned purple and now resembles an aubergine! It certainly didn’t spoil my time though! (alcohol may have dulled the immediate pain of course). 

PS. Thanks again for letting us stay over 

Many thanks 

D and B 

I absolutely loved it both nights. 

Thank you so much, you are wonderful hosts. S xx 

Thanks so much for last night! D 


Channel 4 documentary with Jon Richardson of 8 out of 10 cats . We still have not found time to view this, but understand it can be viewed via the channel 4 website with ‘on demand’. Aside from one observation that Jon was ‘pathetic’, dozens of you have congratulated us on the outcome. Those whose interviews were broadcast are basking in friend’s and family’s adulation – even from relatives who did not previously know of their lives in the fast lane. 500 hits to the site occurred in the minutes after the first broadcast and it has gone out via other channels at least 4 other times since. So far thousands more hits have happened than would normally be expected and many couples came at the weekend because of what they saw. We had the home page on channel 4’s site for days (appended below). As Henry V meant to say to his triumphant troops after Agincourt:

‘ And 28 th June shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we who took channel 4’s risk shall be remembered-
And faint hearts who hide their proper appetites
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their sexuality cheap whiles any speaks
That risked with us upon that filming day ‘ .

One thought on “Latest News – 186 people last Saturday, NYE Now Booking, RadlettParties on C4”

  1. Mortified to have missed out on the themed September Party, and very pleased to see the massive attendance figures for the weekend! How will you top this?

    I really enjoyed the Channel 4 programme featuring Littlecroft, which I thought was very balanced and rather amusing (the programme was “Jon Richardson Grows Up – Relationships”, available on demand on the Channel 4 website)…..

    Keep it up, Richard!


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