December 27th & 31st @ Radlett

New Year’s Eve. Most available places have already been snapped up but Couples committing and paying in advance can still get £20 discount from the at the door contribution (if any spaces are left) of £80. To allow you to pace yourself for this big one, see how we are changing the schedule in ‘dates’. Three parties in 5 days would be indulgent and knackering for revellers – not for us though as we are bionic. Those who need a pre-Christmas fix can book at the BMFC here on the 20th. Stalwarts can get back into the rhythm with a party here on 27 th which is already getting well subscribed .

NYE formula here is well established – black tie (plus the occasional kilt and mask), fireworks, midnight fizz on us, live link to Trafalgar Square, whole roast hog and lamb, no throwing out time, hot tub and pool (refurbished to die for). People sometimes bring a second less formal wardrobe for after midnight. Couples and single ladies only except for 5 places auctioned for charity to sophisticated single guys. You would need psychiatric help being anywhere else!

It would be wise to decide immediately and put down a deposit here on 27 th with Janet for the discounted price. Otherwise £60 to sc 110044 ac 00149451 reference your names.

Single guys at New Year’s Eve. Well proven formula is that 5 places are auctioned to single guys for charity. Problem has been that several high bidders have not shown up, depleting numbers, our enjoyment and the charity. Successful bids over the years have ranged from £80 to £300. Every single guy coming so far has been a social success. Single guys who think they would get and give enjoyment from being one of the chosen 5 need to remit £50 to sc 110044, ac 00149451 ref their name then email us describing themselves, giving their bank details so we can return the £50 if necessary and saying what extra they will give to charity on the door. Guys who have been here before are at an advantage. We will get back quickly with the verdict. Good luck to the good guys.

Pool make over. After years of hard party abuse our 40 year old pool has had a great slab of the door contribution surplus spent on it. New underpool lighting, plumbing and resurfacing. The expert team on the project have been doing such refurbishments for 30 years and expressed the compliment that they could not recall a deeper or better built pool in private ownership. So come on down and break it in again.

Black room. We have feed back that many would prefer to have slight sight of who is in there with(in) them. To this end we have ordered 40cm low lighting mood cubes. We have researched the market and can confirm that the best deal and product is supplied by pkgreen at Let us know what you think when you have seen them.

Theme for 27th . Go for playboys and bunnies. Gird your loins for school girls and headmasters party in January. We have resolved to have more themed parties than in the past so if you have any favourites please get them to us. Expect old favourites like kama Sutra, Nero’s banquet, masked balls, 007 character, rock stars and groupies, doctors and nurses.

Vetting single guys. Apologies for taking our eye off this recently. We promise to reverse a downward spiral by spending longer on grilling the guys. That will only work if we get the ladies and couple numbers maintained so more guys want to come, giving us over-supply to cull down to good guys only. You know it makes sense. It would help if you left informal assessments of good and bad guys to expedite this process! You might enjoy adding to the tongue in cheek self assessment for them on the site.

Video room. Revellers sometimes tell us they like the idea of taking video ‘selfies’ in flagrante delecto. The plan is to dedicate one spare room for a couple of hours for groups or couples to book for that purpose. If you don’t bring your own equipment i will chain my camcorder down safely as long as you bring the sdhc card.

Menu. Janet plans for this month:

Whole roast lamb and hog

Other meats

Vegetarian bits

Whole salmon

Cheese board

Miscellaneous cakes and gateaux

Chocolate fountain

Home grown and made award winning:

Apple & blackberry crumble

Blackberry Stodgelets

Toast and coffee for the après party gossip breakfast

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