RADLETT PARTIES ANNOUNCEMENT – 2021 – Couples & Singles Nights

Following the 18 months of Covid-19 pandemic, until further notice Radlett Parties are exclusively only for COUPLES AND SINGLE LADIES ONLY. No single males are allowed at these events. However, if there is an overwhelming demand for the return of our “Couples and Singles” nights we may consider this again in the future. The nights were desecrated by a lack of no-shows from the couples and single females, although there was an abundant interest from single males. We welcome your views! J&R

3 thoughts on “RADLETT PARTIES ANNOUNCEMENT – 2021 – Couples & Singles Nights”

  1. Hi ya my partner and I want to attend this Saturdays party can we pay on arrival or do we have to pay in advance, thanks for any information you can give


    1. Hi Steve, you can both pay on arrival. The contribution is £50 for a couple, theme night is “Back to school” optional. Looking forward to seeing you both. J&R


    2. Hi Steve, you are welcome as a couple on Saturday 28th August to our party here. Doors open at 9.30 pm theme is “Back to school” optional but fun, contribution on the door is £50 for a couple, bring a bottle and a sense of fun! Looking forward to seeing you both….J&R


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