We have worked hard with our wonderful photographer and friend, Spike to bring you some of the latest pictures of amazing events we have done during 2018.  2019 started with a BANG at our Black Tie Masquarade Ball and we have included some of those pictures too for your enjoyment.

In the coming year 2019 we will be adding more erotic photos of our wonderful consenting guests to the Gallery.  Spike would be very happy to organise sessions for those of you who dream of seeing your erotic fantasies so do get in touch with us if you are interested. We do ask, however, that guests DO NOT BRING THEIR OWN MOBILE PHONES ONTO THE PREMISES TO TAKE PICTURES.  Mobile phones are best kept in your car not on the premises.

Any comments on our photo gallery pictures would be appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. Hi there… we r married couple fell very alone want to enjoy our life with new experience……….from dubai ……now in goa ….. our no ……00919212284000….. please call us..


  2. Hmm this place is one of it’s kind, the people l meet there were all great people, from all works of life, l saw more than what l expected, the DJ is killing, he did well with the songs, l danced and danced, the pool was sooo, warm, its a place to be pals


  3. We attended to your party on 22nd of November 2014 and what can we say ,we loved every minute of it. We met some kind and non pushy people ,janet was so friendly food was great and dark room was our favorite. Can not wait to come to your next party.


    1. Hi Dezmar, Friday 24th August couples single ladies and single males is next one and Sat 25th August for couples only


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