NETFLIX.  The event most attributed with changing the sleazy image of “swinging” was the Channel 5 documentary we did over a decade ago. Netflix have chosen to put this up and months on it is still enormously popular.  Either Radlett Parties or the “Real Wife’s Swop” will access that documentary. We were thrilled to receive a box of chocolates each for our part in this opus, but understand that they get £85,000 per showing.   We have heard of  showings in many countries so far, including Qantas Air flights to Australia and from several of our friends in America and Europe.

Three Counties Radio”  People who watch this are still giggling at this.  You-tube “Radlett Parties” to see this interview.  Because of the housewife constituency they dropped some pivotal parts of the interview.  We are  planning to correct that shortfall.  Watch this space.

Radlett Parties newsletters are now being sent out on a monthly basis.  Please message us with your email addresses if you want to receive one to richardofradlett@hotmail.com.

Radlett Parties has always attracted revellers from all habitable continents for years during which the vibrancy of hospitality waxed and waned with the energy and constitution of its organising committee.  Our heartfelt thanks to all those who have assisted with this great success, especially the team of helpers.

Radlett Parties


BDSM Meets Radlett – Friday 26th April 2019

‘Its gonna be FUN AND LAUGHTER on the night’.



  If you know any friends who love dressing up in BDSM why not come along on Friday 26th April for our mixed couples/single ladies/guys night…BDSM wearers get £10 reduction, so couples are £20, guys £30 and ladies free.

Non BDSM guest £30 couples/£40 for guys.  This is a introduction into the BDSM world with demonstrations, a stall for clothing and an introductory talk for those interested.  Party starts at 9.30 pm until DAWN…No throwing out time…bring a bottle. spread the word and be here.

Radlett Couples and Single ladies nights. This is our regular monthly event.

Expect more glitz and sparkle!  Haute cuisine buffet, occasional fizz on arrival, naked serving staff and comparative champagne tasting of some selected great crus.  Even warmer pool.  We plan to have gender balance so that for every committing single lady, one very carefully selected and vetted single gentleman will be admitted.  Thus the overall dynamic will be as for a couples only party, but with the electric presence of a few ardent singles.  Watch the web sites for more detail as time passes.  To address the higher costs, couples will contribute £50    NO SINGLE GUYS ALLOWED.  Single ladies free.  If the new format proves popular it will become a monthly feature.  The rest is down to you.

Gastronomic pointers:


Dress code for this night is as for night clubs, namely jacket and tie, ideally smart suit.  The ladies will be trusted to complement this sartorial stratum.  Music to suit a more indulgent atmosphere.   This will be an ideal evening for new as well as regular guests to meet up for the first time to see if that “click” is there.  This is an invite only party so if you are interested and would like to know more please contact us. Contact either Janet or Richard at Radlett Parties, or if you are on Fab Swingers our profile is there too at Radlettparties.   We look forward to seeing you soon.


This is one of our favourite event…After NEW YEAR’S EVE BALL . This year’s arrangements for  at Radlett will follow the amply tested formula.  The charity enjoying surplus will be MEDICINE SAN FRONTIERES  – Expect the usual whole roast, fireworks,  no throwing out time, hot pool, hot tub and sauna.  Doors open 09.30  pm  shut at 02:30.  If there are any spaces left on the night the door contribution suggested will be £60 per couple.  To reward and motivate early booking, those paying non-refundably in advance have less to pay – £50.  Around 30% of Couples do smart attire or officers’ dress uniform.  Many wear suits.  Rest very smart casual.  Ladies tend not to need advice about what to wear.    £50 to Halifax building society, sort code 110044, account 00149451 leaves nothing more to pay on the night.  Give a unique reference so we know who to credit.

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