What goes on at the parties?

Tell us the things you do and don’t want to happen.  We will then state how to reduce or increase the chances so you get exactly what you want.  If you want a phone conversation please email your number.  Janet is happy to talk to you and/or your partner.  Watch our documentary free on Netflix “The Real Wife Swop”  produced by Channel 5, to get an insight at what goes on at our parties.

Do couples need  to book ahead?

There is no need for couples to book, but the lady must be at the party the whole time the guy is here.

What should we bring?

Bring a sense of adventure and abandon, clean underwear and enough drink for all this thirsty work (we don’t have or want a drinks licence)

Must we join in?

There is no pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you.  Other guests will have the same protocol.

What are my chances of being accepted?

Some months we get 70 guys chasing 20 places.

Give me your number janet so I can call you when I’m not being overheard

Sorry.  Phone contact happens when my agenda permits.  Some guys use the ‘don’t call us – we’ll call you’ ploy when they want to leave their partners behind to come and enjoy other’s partners.  you will understand that couples take a dim view of that.  Take care.

Can you recommend a hotel?

The Red lion in Radlett has asked people coming to parties here not to use them.  Some use the Ibis in Borehamwood or the Holiday Inn in Borehamwood.  Most find a quiet corner as the party subsides then join us for toast and coffee the following morning for the apres party gossip.  We have a few spare duvets but safest to bring a sleeping bag.  Camper vans always welcomed.  Parking is free in our fields or on our tennis court for the first 50 cars so get here early to secure a parking space.

What is the latest I can book?

We draft the guest list on the Sunday before the Friday party.  It is best that you email us your contact number so we can ring you.  By all means chase us if we have not got back to you by then.  Single guys must inform us if they can’t come so we can offer their place to someone who can.

Will there be enough girls for me?

It is impossible to know in advance the gender balance but  we target one single guy per couple or lady but once had more single ladies than guys. Don’t sulk if the reverse happens.

When are the dates?

All the party dates, themes and times are on the site under ‘dates‘.

Will we get pestered by single guys on the Fridays?

Single guys rarely try anything on that would reduce their welcome coming back here.

Do ladies contribute?

Some single ladies like to avoid occasional misplaced male feelings of entitlement by chipping £10 into the fund.  Up to you.  But do bring plenty of drink

Should we bring our own towels?

We have dozens of towels but if you like fluffy new ones you might prefer to bring your own

We are aged x.  Will we be welcome?

We rarely notice ages and we hope most people focus on other attributes so come on down.

How do we fend off predators?

Don’t forget that No always means No!  Single guys are desperate to be welcomed back so don’t put that welcome at risk by misbehaving…

We are not statuesque.  Is it worth our coming?

There is a greater range of shapes at Fridays than Saturdays, but we have known all shapes have a lot of fun

Do you sell drink?

We don’t have a drinks licence so bring loads of what you enjoy drinking – this much fun is thirsty work.

What is the average age at your parties?

A couple of years back the average age was measured in a bmj survey as 35.

We are black/brown/yellow.  Will we feel alone?

Over time the racial mix here is about the same as the population at large

Will there be enough people there to make it worth my while?

People asked us to open our home for its ambience and facilities.  Don’t now make it our responsibility to fill it up for you as well.  That’s your job. Invite your friends and those interested in this lifestyle to come along too.

Can ladies come on Saturdays?

Single ladies are welcome at the couples only events but most prefer  Friday  nights when single guys are plentiful!

We have a gay friend.  Would he be welcome?

Apparently we had a bisexual guy here a year or so back.  We get many bi ladies.  Never any gay guys, so this would be a miserable evening for one.  I’m sure lots of venues would be better populated for him.

Will our drink be safe?

This is Radlett – not Essex.  The generally accepted principal is that your drink remains yours without any urgent need to ‘guard’ it.  Some hide theirs in nooks and crannies which is great fun for us to find the following day.  If yours genuinely goes walkies, we can find something for you from our reserves.

Can our drink be safeguarded?

We usually put out a pen and labels so you can ‘scent’ your bottles to offput scavengers

Is the pool safe? Might I drown?.

There was once an accidental drowning at Littlecroft which was well publicised in the media. To aid context, there have been over 120,000 entries to our pool and statisically it is safer to use the pool than to cross London by bicycle. In 2010 the environmental officer approved the pool for public access. We have recently added more measures up to £8m per probable life saved. The responsibilities of pool users include: Can you swim? If not don’t enter our pool enclosure if not accompanied by a partner or friend who can swim.  Not run, push, dive or enter the water other than by the steps; not enter if above 4 units alcohol or a non-swimmer; operate the prescribed buddy system in groups; throw a buoyancy aid if you see a struggler.


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